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Parent and Carer views

In September 2018 we sent feedback questionnaires to our parents and carers so that we could improve our service. One third of parents responded, and you can see the results below.
1. 100% of parents and carers would recommend The Open Doors Project to other families!

2. On a scale of 1 (very unhappy) to 5 (very happy), parents and carers rated how pleased they were with our service:
75% were 'very happy'
25% were 'happy'

3. On a scale of poor-average-good-excellent, parents and carers were asked to rate us on various aspects of our service:
65% rated safety 'excellent', 15% 'good', and 20% 'don't know'.          
65% rated communication 'excellent', and 35% 'good'.
88% rated their child's enjoyment as 'excellent', and 12% 'good'.
88% rated the staff's attitude as 'excellent', and 12% 'good'.
88% rated the staff's relationship with the children as 'excellent', and 12% 'good'.
65% rated cost 'excellent', 20% 'good', and 15% 'don't know'. 
4. Parents and carers were asked to identify things they like about The Open Doors Project.
P's family wrote: "The fact that P. is with people who understand that he can be a little different, and it gives him the opportunity to try something different and mix with others."
A's family wrote: "Love that it is a social outing with people with people they know but still trying new things."
U's family wrote: "The fact that U. has been able to build his self-confidence and social skills through the activities provided by The Open Doors Project."
J's family wrote: "I like that it is outside activities as J. enjoys being outside."
W's family wrote: "The project was good and exciting for my child. My child loved it."
5. Parents and carers were asked to identify things we could do better, and new things they would like to see in the next year.
Y's family would like to see: "Educational trips and sports."
U's family suggested: "U. really likes gardening so more activities like this would be great, and possibly bike riding would be another suggestion."
A and E's family would like longer sessions: "Maybe doing 4 hours."
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